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Veterinary medicine and animal supplements


Services for veterinary product manufacturing and regulatory affairs in animal drugs and feeds.

For assistance in product planning, scientific review, regulatory submission of New Animal Drug Applications and Electronic Submissions.


Minor Use/Minor Species, Food Additives, Approved Animal Drug Products and Animal Food/Feed



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Evaluation of cosmetic products


We can provide regulatory support for cosmetic products in accordance with European registration procedures and rules.


Evaluation of products and advise for classification.


Evaluation of product labelling in accordance with Directive and INCI.


Review of promotional and advertising material.



Legal contacts


Providing assistance in contract drafting and negotiation support to the company’s Commercial organization with respect to non-prescription drug distribution agreements and general sales and marketing agreements. Providing general advice and support to the company’s Commercial organization on healthcare abuse laws, rules and regulations and other laws impacting the commercialization of drug and food products.

We work closely with legal expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals, Herbal Medicinal Products and food supplements / health claims.



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Education and information material


WRITING & EDITING: Peer-Reviewed Articles, Online Content, Documentation Newsletters, Brochures and Slide Kits/Lecture Notes.

AUDIENCES: Physicians, Consumers, Government Agencies


Pharma docs

Product documentation and product formulation


Marketing a drug product is a complicated process. A key component of this process is the medical writing needed to meet EMEA, MPA and ICH guidelines. We prepare documents that meet regulatory guidelines to achieve marketing approval. Savings in time and money can be achieved by utilizing independent experience in medical writing and editing. PMC specializes in Phase III-IV clinical study protocols and clinical study reports.


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Packaging material and product photos


High-resolution digital photography, 1:1 macro capability for extreme close-up photos of tiny subjects, such pharmaceutical packages and packaging material, food supplements and cosmetic products. Specialising in photography for pharmaceutical applications and promotional materials. We will photograph the product and process the images. Images are available in file formats such as TIFF, JPG and PSD.